Halo & Horns Plan

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Halo & Horns is a simple but informative guide on taking control of your diet and fitness plans.

Learn the tricks of the trade based on scientific knowledge to date and remove yourself from the endless dieting cycle once and for all.

What you will receive via ebook:

- The knowledge you need to go it alone
- An easy to follow meal planner
- 35 tasty recipes (non vegetarian at this time)
- A realistic and true approach to sustainable fat loss
- Learn how to build treats into your plan
- An easy to follow exercise routine.
- A selection of online workouts via my YouTube channel
- New recipes to fit your plan uploaded weekly
- And the Halo and Horns way is you take it 6.5 days at a time so 95% of the time you have a Halo and the other 5% you have Horns!

This plan is about you learning and changing not just following what I say then going back to your default. As we both know default is where the problems occurred in the first place, I want you to be able to spend £12.50 and be able to break out of the all or nothing approach to fitness and fat loss.

Take the control back today and be free from all of the confusion around dieting forever.

Trust me this isn't rocket science.
Price: £24.95 £12.50
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