Justin Stocks

I am a fully qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor. After years of seeing friends and family jumping on various short term very low calorie diets like shakes, no carbs, high fats and juicing etc, i thought to myself “WHY DO THEY DO IT!” When we all know the science tells us it is incorrect, short term and unsustainable! That’s the same people that landed us on the moon and showed us how to fly!

I’m not here to preach to you about clean rigid unrealistic eating as i’d be a complete hypocrite! I have the sweetest tooth in the world “show me a large slice of banoffee pie and i'll show you a empty bowl!” I know I struggle with refined sugars and I crave junk food like a lot of people in these times. Which can be a tough and lonely place if it takes control of you. That said there is nothing stronger than a changed mindset , I feel everybody has the ability to understand what good nutrition is and how to exercise correctly.

I’ll show you how you can make simple, cost effective changes to get real lasting result, leaving you more confident and fitter than ever! So I say let's blow the lid on the mysteries of the dieting industry and trust in me to teach you the new cheaper more realistic way that puts YOU firmly in the driver's seat.

The Take Control promise is there will be no endless amounts of unrealistic food preparation! huge shopping bills or suitcase’s of food to carry to work.

I will show you how consisted daily actions can help build strong lasting healthy habits. Trust in me and i’ll do everything in my power to get you on the right track.

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